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BB Moroccan Mint with Rose - Catering Pack 500g

Now: £21.25 Was: £42.50 sku BBFS-F12221 | Net weight: 500g

This product has a best before date of 04/01/2020.

Tea in Morocco is a real tradition and everyone has their own version.

We've blended green tea with spearmint leaves and a subtle taste of rose; our favourite recipe.

More about the Product


Green Tea, Spearmint (20%), Rose Petals (2%), Rose Flavouring

Brewing Instructions

Add one teaspoon of tea to the pot per person and brew for 1-2 minutes.

Enough time for the dainty fragrance of mint to come to life.

No need for milk, it’s perfect as it is.

Pack Size

1 pouch containing 500g loose infusion

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