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Grey Dragon Oolong - Caddy

Now: £12.50 Was: £25.00 sku LTSOCGD0-100 | Net weight: 100g

Loose leaf refreshing and aromatic oolong tea with elegant needles.


This is a highly unusual tea crafted exclusively for Twinings at the Dewata Tea Estate, West Java. Nestling in secluded highland rainforest, the estate's intense humidity and cool breezes nurture tender, delicious tea leaves.

The Tea

Highly expert pluckers pick tender leaf buds and leave them to dry, before rolling them into needles; the result is an intriguing combination of white silver needle tea and an aromatic oolong. When brewed the liquor is clear amber, with a wonderfully refreshing, peachy flavour.

Loose leaf tea made simple. Take a look at our fabulous teapots (some come with a built-in strainer) and tea strainers.

More about the Product


100% oolong tea

How to Serve

Use 1 rounded teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot. Boil fresh water, leave to cool for 2 or 3 minutes then pour on. Allow to steep for 3 to 6 minutes, with no need to add anything for the perfect flavour.

Approximately 50 servings

Sourced With Care

Improving the quality of life in communities where we source our products. Everyone has the right to a decent quality of life and be able to provide for themselves and their families. Twinings already aims to buy from the best tea estates, both in terms of quality and ethics, but even these can be improved further. Find out more about our Sourced With Care initiative.

Tea Tasters Club - Grey Dragon

The flavour is a cross between Oolong and White - not as strong as China Oolong, but not as delicate as a white. It tastes delicious, and because it's so delicate and refreshing, it's perfect to enjoy at any time of the day.

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