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Argentinean Campos de Te

A Green Loose Tea from the Province of Misiones, Argentina.

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This month we have a premium loose green tea from the Province of Misiones in Argentina. This is a particularly rare tea and the growers not only take the climate during growth and production into consideration but also make sure that the creation of this tea is aligned with the moon phases.

The Campos De Te Fine Green Loose Tea

First of all, it is worth noting that Argentina is not typically known for its abundance of high quality teas. This makes this fine green loose tea an even more unusual and rare find. The tea has got a velvety texture, a nice special colour and a smooth flowery flavour. The dried, velvet-like leaf with its light roll is visually very attractive.

The Campos De Te Fine Green Loose Tea is produced in small quantities. This allows the growers to apply extra care when it comes to its grading. With this particular tea, special attention was paid to a number of factors which impact the quality of the leaf. These factors include climate during growth, moon phases and climate during production. Combining these factors has contributed to the premium quality of this tea.

Argentinean Campos de Te Green

This product is no longer available

Loose leaf green tea.

A rare premium Green Loose Tea from the Province of Misiones, Argentina.

The Campos de Te Fine Green Loose Tea is hand-plucked in order to make sure that only the best quality leaves are picked. Generally speaking the Argentine tea industry is highly mechanised. The layout of this tea garden is ideal for a more manual approach. There is a team of five people involved in the production of the speciality teas. Everyone works very closely but it is not common in Argentina for people to also live on the tea estates. Work starts at 7 am so that all the leaves can be plucked during the cooler part of the day. Temperatures tend to soar between noon and 3 pm and people normally go home for lunch during that time.

The final product is a rolled leaf with a lively green colour and an array of stronger floral aromas.

This Tea has been sourced by Master Tea Blender/Buyer Georgina Durnford

Georgina has been on an amazing journey tasting the nuances of the high quality green teas from around the world. She has spent this season visiting the producers and slurping her way through hundreds of possible teas to give you the best the season has to offer.

The Campos De Te Estate

The Campos De Te estate is located 298 meters above sea level in the Argentinian Province of Misiones between the towns of Obera and Campo Viera. With a growing area of 280 hectares, this is a comparatively small tea estate. The climate in this part of the world is subtropical and characterized by high levels of rainfall and temperatures of 30°C and 38°C during the day and 22°C and 25°C during the night in the summer months.

The estate owner is Don Basilio and the business is championed by his daughter Carolina Okulovich. So far, four equally passionate generations of Carolina’s family have been involved in tea production & manufacture. Carolina was born and raised at a tea plantation and spent her summer holidays (December – February on the southern hemisphere) in the factory and on the tea fields.

Carolina says she has always known that one day she would get involved in her family’s business. When she attended a course to train as a “Tea Sommelier” she learned a lot about teas from other origins, and soon realised that many of these teas were better quality than the traditional Argentine quality. The tea you are sampling today is her brain child and was created with the goal to introduce premium into the world of Argentine tea.

Making the Tea

Use 1 teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot. Add freshly boiled spring water that has cooled slightly to approximately 85°C. Using boiling water may scald the leaves which could prevent them from releasing all their flavour.

Then, once you’ve poured on your water, you’ll need to wait around 2 minutes or a little longer if you like a stronger tea. If the teapot has a central diffusion chamber, gently agitate it before serving.

This tea can be steeped 3 to 4 times.

Tasting Notes and Flavour Wheel: Look – Smell – Taste

This is a very stylish and delicate large leaf Argentinian green tea. When brewed, the tea is light yellow and amber in colour with plenty of brightness.

Enjoy the pleasantly sweet and full bodied liquor, light and gentle with flavoury high floral notes.

When you smell and taste your tea, why not use the Twinings flavour wheel and see what aromas and tastes you come up with. First of all, before your nostrils come close to the tea liquor, just smell the back of your hand as this helps to cleanse your palette.

Argentinean Campos de Te Fine Green Loose Tea Video

This month the fabulous Oliver Tilney talks us through the rare premium Argentine Green Loose Tea - Campos de Te.

Watch now >

Teaware Pairings

For this tasting we have used our Alison Appleton Fritz teapot. Its stylish design and fine stainless steel infuser are perfect for brewing the finest tea exactly how you like it.


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