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Fairy Ladies Jasmine Golden Rings

A class to taste and explore: Fairy Ladies Jasmine Golden Rings. A hand produced fine tea from Fujian Province in South East China.

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This month we have a lovely, fun tea to taste in the Tea Club. It’s a tea with plenty of tea theatre – just watching these tight rings of green tea unfurl in your glass tea pot is magic. Definitely a tea that will delight and impress, this show, together with the floral peach soft tastes is a green tea you will love.

If you are looking for more than your Tea Club tasting, Fairy Ladies Jasmine Golden Rings is available directly from Twinings online and also at our shop at 216 Strand, London.
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Fairy Lady's Golden Rings

This product is no longer available

Loose leaf green tea.

Named after the legend of a fairy lady, who lived in the Tai Pu Mountains of the Fujian province of China, this tea is hand made in one village.

The Tea


You may think this is a white tea, but it’s actually classified as a green tea.

This tea is hand-harvested and then processed in the green tea method. Which means that unlike your cup of Black Tea (like an Earl Grey) the fresh leaves of the tea plant aren’t allowed to oxidise. This is the process that turns fresh green leaves golden or brown. The leaves are pan fried or steamed, which as you can imagine steaming the leaves locks in the lightness of flavour in green tea.

Thanks to the artisan skill of the Chinese, the tea is then handrolled using thin pencil-size rods when the leaves are slightly moist. This produces beautiful tight curls of tea, which brew into a fabulous light and mild liquor with a slightly nutty taste with undertones of melon.

The Story of old

The story behind this tea is as interesting as the taste. Tea growing in South East China is notoriously seasonal, meaning the plants are harvested in the summer months, when the weather is optimal. However, in the Tai Pu Mountains, there is a crop all year round.

The locals will tell you that a local mountain fairy had blessed the region, and when trying to catch her to pass on their thanks for the all-year availability of their crop, they only managed to grab one of the golden locks of her hair - hence the name Fairy Ladies Golden Rings!

The Climate

The climate holds the truth behind this fabulous tea. The bush bud all-year due to the geothermal activity in this area, keeping the soil nice and warm all year round.


The fabulously named Fairy Ladies Golden Rings is a beautiful, hand sourced tea from the Fujian province of South East China, specifically, the Tai Pu Mountains.

The area is a tourist haven due to the amazing countryside of this location – dramatic mountains, lush greenery and bright coloured buildings and temples and of course the warmth of welcome of the people from this area.

Brewing and Tasting

Place into your teapot a heaped teaspoon of Fairy Ladies Golden Rings. (for one cup)

Interestingly with this tea, we would recommend you boil the kettle, just as it starts a rolling boil, stop the kettle and allow the water to cool for a minute.

We pour our water at height over the green tea to aerate the water as much as possible, producing wonderful bubble patterns in the glassware.

For best results brew Fairy Ladies Golden Rings for just a minute and a half. As with any fine loose tea, you can steep your leaves up to three times.

With brewing complete, you are now ready to have a taste.

As the tea rests you will immediately smell the aromas circling up to your nose, peachy, woody notes, it’s a tea extravaganza!

Looking at the steeped tea, you can see those beautiful tight curls of leaf are now relaxed, plump with water, having exploded open but still keeping a rounded shape having also released their flavours and colour.

Teaware Pairings

There is nothing like drinking your favourite tea from something beautiful...

Today we are using a Bahar glass teapot from our site, it’s perfect to see the unfurling of these tight rings of tea into long luscious curls. It’s also a teapot perfect to watching flowering teas bloom as they brew.

As well, I have chosen a fun, fine bone china teacup from the British designer Louise Wilkinson. This range was designed a year ago and I have to admit it’s my favourite. Louise, as well as a wonderful potter/ceramicist has also shown her work last year at London’s mecca of style: The V&A.

Rated 5 based on 0 reviews

Bahar Glass Teapot

£19.95 each

This elegant teapot is perfect for infusing flowering teas and watching them unfold.

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