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Green Assam OP

This month on Tea Tasters we are exploring the wonderfully unique Assam Green Tea.

What is Green Assam OP

Welcome to Tea Tasters, this month we are exploring Green Assam OP. Assam is an ingredient that you would usually find in an English Breakfast tea, however, this particular Assam is very unusual as it’s a fine grade tea that has been processed the Green Tea way.  The young greenish leaves, full of tip are what make this tea extremely high quality.

Green Assam OP Tea is named after the region of its production, Assam, in India. Assam tea is manufactured specifically from the Assamica variety of the plant Camellia Sinensis. Assam is associated with wonderfully thick, malty black teas, however this is an excellent example of one of the flavoursome green teas that are becoming well known.



Assam is the largest tea growing area in the world. It’s a rainforest area, making it rich and lush and in the Monsoon season it has up to 5 inches of rain each day.

This tea comes from the Sewpur Estate. The Brahmaputra River runs through the area and passes through this very tea garden.

The Brahmaputra River deposits its rich silty minerals and this combined with it being a low lying area makes this tea very unique.

Harvesting Green Assam

Green Assam is plucked between May and June where it flushes every five to seven days. The tea is plucked by hand and by experienced pickers looking for the most succulent single leaf and bud giving an abundance of fine quality tip, this season’s tea is very tippy.

The tea is processed the Green tea way which means it’s slightly less oxidised than black tea, it locks in all those wonderfully naturally occurring enzymes. This adds to the delicate flavour of the tea whilst still providing the familiar robust Assam taste.

Tea leaf Tips are the small, unopened leaves of a tea plant. These tips are also known as "buds," they are picked before they form flowers. Tips are better quality than the larger, older leaves of the plant so when a tea is referred to as Tippy its because it has many tips.

Master Blender behind the blend

Philippa Thacker is the Master Tea Blender who inspired this tea. She has been with Twinings for many years and is one of our most knowledgeable experts.

She regularly travels to Assam to source and buy the best teas, processes with incredible care that translate in the quality brews you can find in your local super market or directly from our online shop.

Tasting Notes

This is a lovely tea and we encourage you to poor a little out of you pouch into a small dish, have a close look and get real sense of the delicate aromas.

As with most green teas, you will want to put in one teaspoon per person and one for the pot.  It’s about personal preference so don’t worry if you feel you’d like to add a bit more.

We suggest you boil fresh water and leave to cool for five minutes.  With this tea you can allow the water to boil to one hundred degrees, this is a black tea with a green process so it can take one hundred degree heat.

Our master tea blenders recommend a steep time of between three and four minutes, if you prefer something a little more lively and delicate you could brew it for two minutes.
When ready to serve, poor through a strainer, because this is a fine tea, you are looking for a lively rose coloured liquor.

Bring your tea cup close enough so that you can smell the tea.  You will find that the peach comes through along with a grassy note, it’s a lovely lively aroma.
And now it’s time to taste! It has a delicate taste but it’s well rounded with the boldness of Assam coming through.  It’s a top notch tea and it’s got a top notch taste.

Until next time Happy Tea Times!

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