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Silver Jasmine Hearts

Handmade and handtied blooming premium loose green tea from Anhui Province in China.

Welcome to Twinings Tea Tasters

This month we have a premium loose green tea from the Yunnan Province in China for you to taste on Twinings Tea Tasters – a tea that is characterised by its look as well as its delicate jasmine inspired taste.

Silver Jasmine Hearts

The Silver Jasmine Hearts are very pretty. They are handmade and hand tied and their distinctive shape gives the tea its name.

For this tasting we have used our Telja teapot. This fine glass pot invites you to look at the tea unfurling and pours so perfectly that we felt we should mention this here specifically.

You are welcome to follow these notes with your tea sample and make your tea as you read – which hopefully will enhance your tea tasting experience.

So this may be a good time to pop the kettle on.

This tea has been sourced by our Master blender Nick Revett

Nick has been working in the tea trade for over 30 years and simply loves the variety that comes with his role and working with people all over the globe. He enjoys different teas for different times of the day, moods and occasions.

Where is it From?

Silver Jasmine tea comes from the Yunnan Province in South West China, the region considered by many to be the birthplace of tea. Rich soils, mountainous terrain and a temperate climate have provided perfect tea growing conditions for many hundreds of years.

Handmade and hand tied blooming premium loose 1st grade green tea from Yunnan Province in China. These small, individually wrapped compressed teas come in varying shapes. In our case, the tea has been compressed into a delightful heart shape, with a single jasmine bud pressed into the centre.

Harvest and Processing

There is a wonderful romantic tale about this Tea Jasmine Silver Heart.

When you look at the night sky you can see a constellation called Aquila. The Chinese refer to this as the Cowherd - and then to the Milky Way (in China it is the Silver River), in there is a star known as the Weaving Maid. The seventh daughter of the Mythical Jade Emperor was the Weaving Maid. One day she caught sight of a passing Cowherd and fell in love. When he visited her, she would stop weaving and soon they forgot their work completely! The Jade Emperor become angry that they shirked their duties, and banished them to opposite sides of the Silver River. The Weaving Maid and the Cowherd were devastated so the Jade Emperor relented a little and to soften the blow let them meet on the bridge over the Silver River for one night every year, on the seventh day of the seventh month. This is by the Chinese calendar on August 2nd when these two stars do actually meet! So this tea bloom was created to represent the flowing stars of the Silver River.

The heart shape of the blooming tea bulb simply adds to the romance, with its stunning appearance and scents of Jasmine this is an exquisite experience.

Making the Tea

Unwrap and use 1 heart per person or share one for a slightly milder flavour. This tea can be steeped many times, slowly developing deep and rich flavours the longer the steep.

Place the heart in your teapot - we recommend a glass pot so that you can watch the magic unfold. Add freshly boiled spring water that has cooled slightly to approximately 80C. Using boiling water may scald the leaves which could prevent them from releasing all their flavour.

Then, once you’ve poured on your water, you’ll need to wait around 2 minutes or a little longer if you like a stronger tea. If the teapot has a central diffusion chamber, gently agitate it before serving.

Tasting Notes and Flavour Wheel: Look – Smell – Taste

When brewed, this tea is a yellow mint colour.

When you smell and taste your tea, why not use the Twinings flavour wheel and see what aromas and tastes you come up with. First of all, before your nostrils come close to the tea liquor, just smell the back of your hand as this helps to cleanse your palette.

You’ll find that the Silver Jasmine tea has a crisp yet full bodied flavour with a heady jasmine aroma.

Enjoy a light, subtle tasting tea with the scent and flavour of jasmine flowers.

Silver Jasmine Hearts Video

This month the fabulous Oliver Tilney talks us through the wonder of Silver Jasmine Hearts.

Watch now >

This Tea Tasters was filmed at the Good Housekeeping Cookery School in London Soho. We loved the location - why not sign up for one of their classes?
Silver Jasmine Hearts - Twinings Tea Tasters

Teaware Pairings

For our tasting we have used the Telja Teapot. This gorgeous glass teapot is made in Europe and comes with a built-in strainer. It is perfect for serving fruity infusions or luxurious loose teas as you can sit and enjoy watching the colours and leaves unfold. The teapot is available with a capacity of 1.2l or 2l if you are making tea for two or more people.

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