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Superfruity Flavoured Loose Infusion

This month on Tea Tasters we are exploring the amazing summery Superfruity Loose Tea Infusion. This is delicious served hot or cold and is perfect for garden parties over the hotter months! Come find out more..

This month on Tea Tasters it’s finally summer time so we are exploring the delicious Superfruity Flavoured Loose Infusion. This is a part of our Premium Flavoured Loose Tea & Infusions collection which has been handpicked and created by our very own master blenders. This is a perfect drink to keep you refreshed and energised this summer, and even though it is caffeine free,  it is also fantastic served cold - which we will explore further below.

You can find this blend in our online Loose Tea shop or in Waitrose, Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s in whole leaf silk pyramids.



What is it?

For those of you new to tea, Twinings or The Tea Club, a blend is a combination of teas and ingredients that together make a new flavour sensation when combined.

Here at Twinings we are known for our unique tea blend recipes that we have created over the decades - like Twinings Earl Grey, or English Breakfast.

This is different to a single origin tea, teas we usually feature in the club, either because they are fine and rare, unique or just handmade and very interesting. A Single origin could be, for example, a Finest Kenyan or a First Flush Darjeeling.

This Superfruity infusion doesn’t actually include any tea of sorts but is made up of the delicious ingredients. All of these flavours combined, create a stunning summery drink that can be enjoyed through the hot months.  

The hibiscus and beetroot give the blend its rich jewel-like red colour.  Hibiscus has a very ‘tart’ taste and the beetroot gives a sort of earthy sweetness.  The combination of sweet berry flavours counteracts the sour hibiscus notes to give a full-bodied, refreshing blend of ingredients.

Master Blender behind the blend

All our master tea buyer/ blenders are based in Andover, Hampshire - the home of Twinings tea, where 90% of all Twining tea is packaged in the UK.

Becoming one of our blenders takes many years. It is not just knowing your teas or developing great buying links with amazing and interesting tea gardens around the world; we also require our blenders to have acute nose nasal and taste senses – just like a great wine taster or a "nose" in the perfume business. 

Together with their nose, they need to fine tune their taste buds and their palette. This can take many years of training. A Master tea taster can isolate many different tastes and flavours in a tea. For example, they may describe a tea as having smoky, nutty or sweet notes and then be able to pin point a fine array of flavours under these like; caramel or peach. It is this experience that then helps them to develop incredible recipes that translate into the Twinings teas you know, love and drink.

The Master Blender behind the gloriously fruity infusion is our very own Jeremy Sturgess.  Jeremy has been working for Twinings for 25 years, and is our resident specialist in fruit and herbal teas. He has the wonderful job of travelling all over the world sourcing the finest ingredients for our blends, selecting those ingredients directly from the producers and then he uses his expert, finely-tuned palate to delicately blend the flavours to perfection.

This also means we have extremely close ties to our Tea producers helping us to be ethical in how we buy but also more importantly more human in our approach to helping the tea world be a better place for everyone that works in it.

Where does the Superfruity Loose Tea Infusion Come From?

As this tea is an infusion and it’s made up of many different ingredients, this tea isn’t necessarily all sourced from one place.

Hibiscus is normally found in warm-temperate, subtropical and tropical regions throughout the world. 
Rosa hip, also known as Dog Rose is part of the Rosaceae plant family. Rosehip is indigenous to Great Britain.
Beetroot, botanically-known as Beta vulgaris, evolved from wild seabeet, which is a native of coastlines from India to Britain and is the ancestor of all cultivated forms of beet. Sea beet was first domesticated in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East – although it was only the leaves that were eaten at that time.
Blueberries can pretty much grow in most countries; they love an acidic soil but if you can’t provide this they are very straightforward to grow in containers or raised beds, where the soil conditions can be specially formulated for this fruitful plant to thrive. 
Blackberries grow throughout the world and the fruit has been known in the past by many names, including brambleberries, brumblekites and lawers. In England the blackberry picking season starts at the beginning of June. 
Raspberries probably originated in Eastern Asia and it was not until the 17th Century that the fruit became popular. Scotland is famous for its raspberry growing and in the late fifties raspberries were taken from Scotland to Covent Garden on a steam train known as the Raspberry Special.

Seeing all these fabulous countries making up this one tea makes it feel rather exotic and special don’t you think? 

Making a Hot Superfruity Infusion

So when it comes to making this fabulous drink you must choose summery and special teaware to match. In our latest tea taster video we chose the amazing Burleigh Blue Regal Peacock Tea Set to match with our super summer drink.

Once you have chosen you teaware you must fill your kettle up with fresh cool water and then wait until it reaches a rolling boil then remove. You need to have the water at about 80 degrees. 

Now it’s time to open the packet – we must warn you – it smells utterly delicious. You need about one heaped spoonful per person but we always add one for the pot then pour your water over the top. Leave this to stand for 3-4 minutes. 
Once the time it up grab a strainer hold this over your cup and pour the infusion over. You will be able to see the most beautiful deep red appearing - this is all the rich gorgeous ingredients infusing together.

Now it’s time to smell and taste your cup. Hold this infusion to your nose and take a deep breath in – you will be able to smell notes of the raspberry and hibiscus coming through.

Once you have enjoyed the superfruity smells take your first sip. You will be overcome with a fruit explosion in your mouth, the rosehip, beetroot and berry flavours combine to create a sweet but sharp experience. If you want to add a spoonful of sugar to this it will help balance out the sharp flavours. This is so refreshing and summery that we are sure this will  become part of your daily routine!  

Now sit back, relax and try to pick out all the different ingredients that make this fabulous infusion. 

Making an Ice cold Superfruity Infusion

As we are now officially in the glorious British summer time we thought it was essential that we recommend to you to an iced cold Superfruity drink to enjoy through the hotter months.

Follow the steps below:

All you need is:
  • 1 large glass pouring jug, 
  • A couple of handfuls of ice, 
  • A handful of mint, 
  • A handful of basil, 
  • 3 spoonful’s of Superfruity Infusion
  • 300ml of sparkling water or lemonade if you like things a bit sweeter
  • 500ml of fresh boiling water
  1. To start with act like you’re making a normal hot infusion so boil your water and add 3 spoonfuls to a teapot then leave to infuse. 
  2. Once your tea has fully infused put your handfuls of ice in your jug then pour over the brew. The ice will cool this infusion down quickly so if you want to add sugar or honey to sweeten this up we would recommend adding this now. Then leave this for a couple of minutes to turn ice cold. 
  3. After the time is  add  in your mint, basil and sparkling water or lemonade and any fruit if you wish – some red berries would go nicely. Find a large wooden spoon and give it a good stir. 
  4. You are ready to serve! This is a glorious drink to have over the summer months and will really wow any garden party guests. 

Food Pairings

This is a great drink to serve when eating alfresco this summer. Match with burgers in the BBQ, homemade chicken wigs, a fresh potato salad and much more!

This would also be great with picnic food and also with a summery afternoon tea.

We hope you enjoy the Superfruity Loose Tea Infusion as much as we do and as per usual, for all of you amazing Tea Club members, there is a 10% VIP discount available on our online store.  So please shop, and enjoy yourselves.  And until next time, happy teatimes!

Superfruity Flavoured Loose Infusion Video

This month Alex Sandover - a Twinings Tea Geek talks us through Superfruity Flavoured Loose Infusion.

Watch now >

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