Assam is a strong, satisfying tea, perfect for those who love a cup bold in colour, and even bolder in taste. Bursting with malty, rich flavour, each cup of Twinings’ Assam will leave you feeling that perfect combination of refreshed and invigorated. This one is especially handy on those early mornings and lethargic afternoons.

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Rated 5 based on 37 reviews

Assam - 40 Tea Bags

£3.49 each

Strong and malty.

Rated 5 based on 194 reviews

Assam - 80 Tea Bags

£5.29 each

Strong and malty.

Rated 5 based on 2 reviews

2nd Flush Assam TGFOP1

£19.50 each

We love this superb tea from the Langharjan Estate, in the eastern part of Assam – to us, it captures the essence of Assam with its remarkable character and flavour.

Rated 2 based on 1 reviews

2nd Flush Assam GBOP1

£15.00 each

Rich, full bodied and with lingering malty notes, this is a distinctively refreshing pick-me-up tea with bags of character.

Rated 5 based on 19 reviews

Assam - Single Envelope

£0.25 each

A strong Indian tea with a rich malty character - perfect at any time of the day

Rated 5 based on 232 reviews

Assam - 125g Loose Tea

£2.49 each

Out of stock

Loose leaf Indian tea with a rich character - perfect for all times of the day. Strong and malty.