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BioBlends Golden English Breakfast Tea - 18 Envelopes
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£3.99 sku BIOGEBT0621-18 | Net weight: 45g

English Breakfast Black Tea with added Bacilus coagulans Cultures.

Just when you thought your breakfast tea couldn't get any better, along comes this little beauty. It's jam-packed with millions of cultures and the best thing is, it still tastes like the English Breakfast you know and love.

Like all classic English English Breakfast blends, this tea has a bold, rich flavour when you sip it, followed by a smooth, bright finish. Adding a splash of milk will soften the taste a touch and bring out the honey rich notes.

The secret to this blend lies in the millions of added Bacillus coagulans cultures. These have been carefully chosen for their suitability for use in hot water.

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