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Inner Peace Sweet Fig and Rooibos Tea with Ashwaganda - 18 Envelopes
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£3.99 sku IIP0521-18 | Net weight: 36g

Fig and Vanilla Flavoured Rooibos Infusion with Ashwagandha Root.

You can’t pour from an empty pot. So, when you’re feeling under pressure and life is wearing you down. Stop. Breathe. Be present.
Enjoy this tranquil blend daily as the perfect partner to your mindful moment.

Inner Peace, in a cup, for all the soul-searchers out there. When you need to stop for a minute, sort through the muddle and feel a bit more grounded. The secret lies in a well-loved root called Ashwagandha. Three cheers for its earthy flavour, balanced with mellow vanilla, figs and rooibos so that suddenly it all seems to make sense.

What is Ashwagandha?
Ashwagandha, a wonderful and well-loved root traditionally used in Ayurveda. Three cheers for its earthy flavour!

This blend is perfect for a relaxing moment and is naturally caffeine free.

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