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Assam - 125g Loose Tea

£2.49 sku SA0215-125L | Net weight: 125g

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What does it taste like?
A bold, satisfying proper cup of tea with a full-bodied, lasting flavour.

Where does it come from?
There are only two places in the world where tea plants are native.
The state of Assam in India is one of them. We've been sourcing tea from gardens on the flood plains of Brahmaputra River since 1838. You learn a thing or two in almost 200 years, like which leaves give the best flavour. Thats how we know our Assam contains only the best.

What makes this tea different?
Our Assam leaves aren't picked until June because that's when they start making the best-tasting tea. Off-peak is just not the same.

More about the Product


Improving the quality of life in communities where we source our products. Everyone has the right to a decent quality of life and be able to provide for themselves and their families. Twinings already aims to buy from the best tea estates, both in terms of quality and ethics, but even these can be improved further. Find out more about our Sourced With Care initiative.

How to serve

Brew for two to three minutes if you like it strong. Longer if you’re feeling brave. Add a splash of milk for hearty cup of tea.


Strong & Malty

100% Black Tea

Customer Reviews

98% of customers liked this product


Is very good and very tasty - for me



Beautiful strong full bodied brew. Perfect for getting you going in the morning



My favorite tea. Strong which makes it perfect for drinking it with milk if you like that (I don't) It is a bit bitter which gives it more character, if you don't like bitter teas, it can be smoothed with a bit of honey which creates strong and silky taste. I love it.



i have always drank loose assam tea and cannot get it in the south west of ireland


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