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English Breakfast Decaffeinated - 20 Envelopes

£2.49 sku SEBD0614-20 | Net weight: 35g

Twinings English Breakfast decaffeinated* tea.

A robust blend of the finest Assam, Kenyan and Ceylon teas produces a rich, revitalising cup of tea. For all those times when you fancy a cup of tea before bed, our decaffeinated Traditional English is just the thing.

Bright and refreshing, it's made from only the finest tea leaves, which have been decaffeinated. So now you can have all the taste of a good cup of tea but with less caffeine.

*decaffeinated to 0.2% 

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100% Black Tea.*

*decaffeinated to 0.2%

Customer Reviews

95% of customers liked this product


I wanted tea bags with a special tea bag shape which you produce. The lady on the phone was very helpful indeed.. Everything went easily and smooth and prompt. the email follow up was appreciated.



You can't get envelope or decaff in Ireland



It would be better if the package was grey as it looks in the picture on the website, then it would stand out from the normal tea. If you have them on display in the wooden box they both look the same. The only difference is the grey band on it.



Quality product, great flavour as to be expected from Twinings. Along with everyday, the Best decaf tea available

24 Hour(s) ago

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