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2018 First Flush Darjeeling - Caddy
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Each year in Darjeeling, the Holi Festival of Colours signals the arrival of Spring. At Chamong, four to five thousand feet up in the misty foothills of the Himalayas, estate owner Ashok and his family watch and wait for the right time to pick the year’s first harvest of young Dajeeling tea leaves. And as the mists clear ahead of the rains, they set to work, especially for Twinings.

Tea Description

Darjeeling tea leaves grown this high and plucked this young are simply unique. We love the bright emerald twists and abundance of silvery tips; the amazing intensity of fresh, fragrant flavours in the honey-coloured liquor and the lingering finish. Twinings First Flush Darjeeling tea has a lovely sweetness and quality that is characteristic of Chamong Estate, from whom we’ve been buying tea since the 1880s. This is a 2018 limited edition of just 500 tins.

Loose leaf black tea. Approximately 36 servings.

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Darjeeling the Champagne of Teas

Only about 87 tea gardens in the world have the right to produce tea that can use the Darjeeling name and logo. All of these tea gardens can be found in a very small area: only about 19000 hectares spread over 7 main valleys in just one district in the state of West Bengal in India.

This very beautiful, very unique, very lush and green region lies in the hilly beginnings of the North Eastern Himalayas. Here, 4000-6000 feet above sea level, the perennially snow-covered Kanchenjunga—the 3rd highest mountain peak in the world—dominates a landscape that is breathtakingly misty, mystic and magical.

An always crisp weather; pure and clean air; ice-sparkling waterfalls; innumerable clear mountain streams and a sun that pours liquid gold onto the fertile and luxuriant hills—these are the vital ingredients that make Darjeeling a tea without equal; and a taste that cannot be replicated anywhere else on Earth.

The Taste

Volatile flavour constituents in Darjeeling tea are 3 times more compared to other teas. To your taste buds, this translates to an incomparable burst of the distinctive Darjeeling muscatel flavour that comes from the rich soil of the enchanted land where this tea grows.

The Chamong Estate

The original inhabitants of the Darjeeling region were called the Lepcha, who converted to Buddhism many centuries ago. Lepcha Buddhist monks have for centuries found this area a spiritual haven, conducive to prayer, meditation and heavenly contemplation. In the summer months, little whistling birds the Lepchas called “Chamoo” gather here, monk-like in their quest for tranquillity and harmony.

It is said that there was a pond in the Chamong tea estate. The clear, sweet waters of this pond provided drinking water to the estate’s residents. Sometimes, leaves and twigs fell into the water, making it dirty. The Chamoo birds would help clean the pond by taking away the leaves and twigs for their nests and the estate took its name from these birds.

All Darjeeling gardens are Naturland, and Rainforest Alliance certified besides being Ethical Tea Partnership compliant.

Our flagship garden, Chamong, became a tea plantation as early as 1871. It was one of the first Darjeeling gardens to be acquired by the Lohia Group. Stretching over 332 hectares of land, Chamong is set into the side of a hill and its altitude ranges from 1150 meters to 1850 meters above sea level. Only about 132 hectares of this space is given to tea plantation, while a small area holds a tea factory and a village for laborers.
Most of the property is forest-land filled with a great variety of flora and fauna. The incredible splendour of this area has to be seen to be believed. As you walk through the tall, deciduous forest, liquid gold pours from the sun in streams from the broad, mystery-green Sal leaves as carefree monkey-families frolic in the dappled sun-spotted undergrowth of ferns and shrubs.

The tea that is born in Chamong is steeped in the magnificence of its surroundings. It is delicate, yet distinctive; full of both flavour and character; historical and full of majesty and unforgettable—just like Chamong.

All About Darjeeling

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