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Cold Infuse - Blueberry, Apple & Blackcurrant - Case of 6 Jars
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Blueberry, Apple and Blackcurrant flavoured cold water infusion.

Our sugar-free blueberry, blackcurrant and apple cold water infusion is perfect for helping you stay hydrated throughout the day – the natural way! A great alternative to fruit juices, fruit squash or fizzy drinks. Twinings Cold Infuse is made from all natural ingredients and gives your still (or sparkling) water the subtly sweet flavour of blueberries, blackcurrants and fresh apples.

Cold Infuse makes it easy to liven up your water; no mess, no fuss, just drop & go! Developed specifically to work with cold water to create delicious, sugar-free drinks on the go, which make it easy to drink enough water throughout your day. 

What does it taste like?

A dessert-like medley of blueberries, with a classic brambly mix of apples and blackcurrants - these home-grown classics deliver the very best orchard flavours for a fresh, light cold water infusion.

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