English Breakfast

Our English Breakfast is over 80 years old and tastes even better than ever. This blend is the perfect mix of Assam, Ceylon and Kenya to complement any breakfast whether it’s a healthy bowl of fruit to a wholesome full English. Even though this blend is perfect for the morning it is also fantastic throughout the day, whenever you need a little pick me up this one will help.

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Discovery Collection - Golden Tipped English Breakfast

£6.50 each

A robust blend of premium Assam loose teas demonstrated by the inclusion of fine golden tips. Presented in a pretty gift box containing a golden bag filled with loose leaf pyramid tea bags.

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English Breakfast - Single Envelope

£0.25 each

Bright, full-bodied and full of flavour, English Breakfast is perfect for clearing away your cobwebs at any time of day.

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Twinings Union Jack Black Tea Collection

£13.50 each

Twinings Union Jack Special Black Teas Collection containing 60 envelopes of your favourite Black Teas.

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Traditional English

£7.00 each

An exclusive, classic, robust tasting tea which exhibits a strong, smooth, dark and rich liquor.

The Perfect Cup Of Breakfast Tea

No matter how busy or laid-back you in the morning, a good day starts with a cup or two of your favourite breakfast tea. And there is more than one great option to choose from!

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Salmon & Cucumber Sandwiches

Give your afternoon tea sandwiches an extra special twist by delicately infusing the light wholemeal loaf with Twinings English Breakfast tea. To finish, fill with beautiful slices of fresh smoked salmon on top of a dill blended cream cheese and slice of cucumber and serve with a cup of warm English tea.

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