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Jacksons of Piccadilly - Fairtrade Sencha Green

£2.29 sku JOPFSG0714 | Net weight: 50g

The Fairtrade Sencha Green Tea is made using the renowned Sencha process to yield a bright ginger, yellow liquor. The result is a smoother tasting tea, fresh and sweet with little bitterness.


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Fairtrade Sencha Green Tea

Tea certified to international Fairtrade standards

Brewing Instructions

We believe that how you make your tea is equally as important as the tea you use, so here are our tips:
  • Use freshly drawn cold water
  • Boil water & allow to cool for about 3 or 4 minutes to 80 oC
  • Use 1 teabag per cup or 1 teabag per person in a teapot
  • Brew for just 1 to 3 minutes (or to your taste) – be careful, over-brewing green tea brings out the bitter notes
  • Always without milk – some like to add a slice of lemon 

And, for freshness every time, keep your tea somewhere cool, dark, dry and airtight!

About Jacksons of Piccadilly

In the early 1800's, tea was a new and exciting prospect. With innovative foresight, Robert Jackson developed pre-blended teas for sale direct to the consumer from his Piccadilly warehouse - home of the first ever Jacksons blend. Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the consistent high quality of Jacksons service and goods gained the firm an excellent reputation. Under the patronage of the courts of that era Jacksons received an impressive collection of Royal Warrants.

Over the years international acclaim for our specialty teas has grown and today, Jacksons of Piccadilly is known for supplying the finest quality and Fairtrade* teas from around the world.

Customer Reviews

100% of customers liked this product


I'm a green tea fan and these are the only tea bags I use!



excellent green tea without the after taste



Great tea!

17 Hour(s) ago




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