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Camomile & Orange - 20 Tea Bags
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£2.49 sku FHCO0220-20 | Net weight: 30g

Sweet Orange flavoured Camomile infusion with Lime Flower.

Discover irresistible infusions for the flavour curious.  Tempting fruit and herbal infusions, packed full of extraordinary flavours and natural ingredients.  Sugar free, all natural ingredients and caffeine free.

Our Camomile & Orange blend is light, delicate & warming. We’ve added a gentle hint of floral limeflower which has a subtle sweetness. Perfect for when you need to pause & take a breather.

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Discover Irresistible Infusions for the Flavour Curious

We're bringing the excitement back to your daily cup with our fruit and herbal infusions, packed full of extraordinary flavours and natural ingredients. The perfect way to get a refreshing pick me up throughout the day.

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