Premium Loose Fruit & Herbal Infusions

Our selection of Premium Loose Fruit & Herbals is just perfect for someone who loves fruity teas and wants the most luxurious experience. Each of our Premium Loose Fruit & Herbals is made from real flowers and herbs so they deliver a fantastic taste and they look absolutely stunning too. We recommend you enjoy these in a glass tea cup...

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Rated 5 based on 8 reviews

Rooibos & Peppermint

£6.50 each

A warming infusion with a hint of mint to refresh.

Rated 5 based on 6 reviews

Whole Camomile Flowers

£15.00 each

A delightful bright yellow floral infusion - a taste of summer.

Rated 5 based on 9 reviews

Lemongrass & Peppermint

£8.00 each

Sweet, fragrant refreshment.

Rated 5 based on 22 reviews

Blackcurrant & Lavender

£8.50 each

A rich, fragrant blend with a delicious taste of Autumn.

Loose Tea Accessories

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Alison Appleton Fritz Teapot - Yellow

£22.00 each

Fritz porcelain teapot with fine stainless steel infuser is perfect for brewing the finest tea exactly how you like it.

Tribeca Glass Mug

£5.00 each

Sold Out

 Perfect for the ultimate multi sensory experience when drinking infusions and green teas. Watch your favourite flavour infuse with beautiful colours swirling around. Straight shape to release aromas perfectly.

Rated 5 based on 0 reviews

Loose Tea Scoop

£6.00 each

Make a great cup of loose leaf tea the easy way with this high quality Twinings branded measuring spoon.