Loose Leaf Pyramids

Try our award winning loose leaf pyramids range. Pretty loose leaves and amazing flavours combined in a pretty pyramid tea bag. Perfectly packaged for extra freshness in our stylish resealable pouches.

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Plummy Earl Grey - 12 Pyramid Bags

£3.49 each

A light, floral tea, with rich, juicy plum and a dash of star anise.

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Discovery Collection - Rose Garden Black Tea

£6.50 each

China black tea scented with rose flavour and with rose petals. Presented in a pretty gift box containing a golden bag filled with loose leaf pyramid tea bags.

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Chai Latte Starter Gift Box

£20.00 each

Sold Out

Favourite Twinings Chai Latte loose leaf pyramids and stylish latte glasses presented in a signature gift box.

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Go Green Pyramid Power Bag

This product is no longer available

Selection of our award winning Loose Leaf Pyramids in a pretty Twinings gift bag. A great little gift for yourself, a friend or a colleague.

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