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Chinese Jasmine Green
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Loose Leaf Jasmine Scented Green Tea.


Jasmine arrived in China from Persia in the third century AD, but jasmine tea didn't become popular until the Song Dynasty, about 1,000 years ago.

Tea Description

Green tea is plucked and kept dry until jasmine flowers bloom.  Once bloomed, the jasmine flowers are then placed on top of the green tea for several hours, releasing their heady aroma. The result is an exquisite floral flavoured tea.

Loose leaf tea made simple. Take a look at our fabulous teapots (some come with a built-in strainer) and tea strainers.

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What is it?

Our finest Chinese Jasmine Green tea is a fragrant, soothing and refreshing tea, combining the scent and flavour of Chinese jasmine plants with a high-quality green tea. Jasmine tea has been used as herbal medicine in China for centuries, partially due to its high antioxidant levels and the soothing nature of jasmine.

Our Finest Jasmine is green, but the tea can also be produced as a black or white tea, depending on how long the tea is oxidised for.

Where’s it from?

Jasmine is grown in huge quantities in southern China, and it’s the nation’s most famous scented tea. It’s often said that Jasmine tea is to China what Earl Grey is to the West. Jasmine tea has been enjoyed in China since around the fifth century, but was not introduced to the West until over a millennium later. It is believed that the jasmine plant was introduced to China from Old Persia, and the tea is – like many green teas – crammed with fragrance and flavour.

How’s it made?

Jasmine tea is produced by infusing dried green tea leaves with freshly-picked jasmine flowers as they dry, giving a fragrant aroma and a floral taste. Night-blooming Jasmine flowers are picked in the early morning and then kept in a cool place until nightfall. When the flowers are about to open again for the night, the production process begins, as the flowers are interspersed with green tea leaves, which absorb the fragrance of the jasmine as it dries.

The jasmine is often removed and replaced several times, to ensure that the most possible flavour and fragrance absorbs into the tea leaves. Some jasmine teas contain blossoms, whilst some contain none at all, and the presence of blossoms in a jasmine tea is not a gauge of the tea’s quality.

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