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Gunpowder Green
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£10.00 sku LTFGG0614-125L | Net weight: 175g

Loose Leaf Green Tea


Our superb example of this distinctive style of green tea, Gunpowder, originates from Wuyi County, Zhejiang Province on China's Eastern seaboard.  Zhejiang's humid, subtropical climate is perfectly suited to tea cultivation.  Legend has it that the tea's name was given by a young English clerk who thought the tiny rolled green balls looked like pellets of gunpowder.

Tea Description

To make this tea each silvery green tea is withered, fired and then rolled into a tiny ball, a technique perfected over centuries to preserve freshness.  Once in the cup with hot water added, the leaves of the shiny pellets unfurl back into life.  The liquor is yellow, with a strong, honeyed and slightly smoky flavour that lingers on the palate.

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What is it?

The name 'gunpowder' comes from the shape of these green tea leaves when they've been rolled - tightly wrapped pellets, just like old fashioned gunpowder. It’s even said that barrels of gunpowder tea have been confused for those of actual gunpowder in the past, probably to the dismay of fighters and tea lovers alike!

Our Finest Gunpowder Green tea is a beautifully delicate infusion, with a wonderful thirst-quenching and lightly smoky taste, a cup of which will brighten up even the greyest of days. Gunpowder tea has a whole, strong flavour, which explodes out of the small pellets as they unravel as the tea infuses. The pellets of this Finest Gunpowder Green tea shine with freshness and the small, tightly rolled leaves are a testament to its high quality.

Where’s it from?

Gunpowder tea is a traditional Chinese tea which can be traced back to the 600s. The tea’s name translates from Chinese as ‘pearl tea’ or ‘bead tea’ due to its look. Gunpowder tea is also commonly associated with the Maghreb, as a base ingredient of North African mint tea.

How’s it made?

Gunpowder Green tea is produced in the Zhejiang Province of China, and - whilst green is the most frequently produced – it can be made using a variety of dried teas including black and white. Gunpowder teas are withered, steamed, rolled and then dried. 

The unique rolling process carried out when producing gunpowder tea ensures that the leaves are less susceptible to being damaged, and their flavour and aroma are preserved within the small pellets until the tea is brewed.

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