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Loose leaf black tea

Yunnan means "South of the Clouds" and is the birth place of tea, with the Pu people "domesticating" tea over 2000 years ago!

A light, bright and red-golden loose leaf tea with a natural sweet nutty flavour, from the birth place of tea in the South West of China

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Finest Yunnan is a light and red-golden loose leaf tea which has a naturally sweet and subtly nutty flavour. Yunnan tea comes from south-west China in what’s considered to be the birth place of tea. First produced for drinking over 2000 years ago, and the name translates as “South of the Clouds”. 

All about Yunnan

Yunnan is also known as Diahong tea and is considered a high end or gourmet tea. Coming from the Yunnan province in China, what sets Yunnan apart from other black teas is the amount of fine leaf buds, or what’s called the ‘golden tips’ that are found in the dried leaves. The high quality leaf buds are covered in golden-orangey hairs, producing a robust and malty taste with a gentle aroma.

Yunnan is often fermented with rose petals, longan and lychee which gives the brew a smooth sweetness. The liquor is strong, malty, coppery and pleasantly unique.  

Welcome to the Yunnan Province

The place that’s considered ‘the hometown of tea’ is the Yunnan province. Located in south-west China, Yunnan is a low-latitude plateau where the unique terrain is perfect for growing tea. Being warm in winter and cool in summer, the climate remains spring-like all year round.

The descendants of the earliest known tea farmers in live in Yunnan and the tea plant is fully absorbed in their customs and traditions. Present day locals to this area not only plant, grow and process tea, but also include it in their daily lives, often using it as an offering to guests. 

How to best brew Yunnan

For best results when preparing Yunnan, follow these simple steps:

Use fresh, clean water to help develop the flavour, and ideally, brew in a teapot. 
Warm the pot or infuser first with boiled water, swirl it around and rinse it out ready to be filled again. Use one heaped teaspoon of loose tea per person and one for the pot. This ensures the best results, but of course, add more if you prefer a stronger flavour.

We recommend that you allow loose tea to brew for up to seven minutes. The general rule is that the larger the leaf, the longer the brewing time and the best times are advised on our packaging. Yunnan in particular needs around 2-5 minutes. Try not to let the tea brew for too long in any case, as it can result in a bitter, oily taste.

Loose tea in general should typically be enjoyed without adding milk or sugar, but this is, of course, down to your own personal preference.

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