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Irish Breakfast Loose Tea Caddy (International Blend) - 100g

£7.00 sku IIBT0614-100 | Net weight: 100g

Twinings of London tea tins are world famous. We see intrepid travellers from overseas making a beeline to our London flagship store 216 Strand to stock up on this collection of teas.

Made from tin with the familiar Gold and Black logo.

About Irish Breakfast tea: Irish breakfast has in the past, simply been called 'Irish Tea' and was developed at the turn of the last century for the Irish market. Unlike its fore-runner English Breakfast, Irish Breakfast is much stronger, more intense in taste and bolder in colour. Twinings has created a wonderful blend of African broken pekoe and tasty Sri Lankan broken orange pekoe, and this tea, whilst not widely available in the UK, is extremely popular overseas.

More about the Product


100% Black Tea


We believe that how you make your tea is equally as important as the tea you use, so here's how we like to make our tea.
  • Use one rounded teaspoon per person
  • Allow freshly boiled water to cool for two to three minutes
  • Pour on and brew for 3 to 4 minutes
  • Add a touch of milk or a slice of lemon.
And, for freshness every time, keep your tea somewhere cool, dark, dry and airtight!

About Black Tea

Black tea, just like green tea, comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant.

After plucking, the leaves are laid on drying trays & withered to remove some moisture and to make them more pliable.

The leaves are then rolled and may be cut

"Broken" leaves are laid out & a heady mixture of warm air, aromatic juices, bacteria & enzymes leads to oxidation (a natural reaction that affects strength & colour)

Oxidation is stopped by firing the leaves with hot air until they are the right (brown) colour depending on the region as the leaves dry they turn black.

Customer Reviews

88% of customers liked this product


Great flavour..... good tes



I ordered all these teas because they are all s in this household of “tea-Jennie’s”



A so so product. Nothing special about it



I think I prefer the English Breakfast


Twinings response: Thank you for taking the time to contact usabout our Irish Breakfast Loose Tea Caddy (International Blend) - 100g.  The most important thing to us is that our customers are happy with our products, so we're always keen to hear your feedback. 

We’re very sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the infusion you purchased recently. Here at Twinings, we always hope to bring you a product that meets your expectations, so every new product goes through a rigorous process before it comes to you. Only the very finest raw ingredients are selected by our blenders who are passionate about creating the perfect taste. Once they have a blend they are happy with, we research the product with consumers who give us their feedback. If it’s not up to scratch the blend goes right back to the blenders for more work. Your own feedback is therefore also very valuable in contributing to our understanding of our consumers' needs and preferences and will be passed on.

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