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£25.00 sku LTK0815-125L | Net weight: 125g

Loose Leaf Green Tea


The Kabusecha style of Japanese green tea sits midway between Sencha and Gyokuro; like the latter it is partially grown in shade, but a lighter shade than Gyokuro and for a shorter time, usually a week to 10 days.  Ours is from the mountainous, temperate Shizuoka Prefecture in central Japan

Tea Description

By shading the leaves before plucking, the tea bushes produce more chlorophyll, leading to a darker green colour than Sencha and greater umami when tasted.  The tea gives a clear yellow liquor, with a mild, sweet flavour, little astringency and a refreshing finish.


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Green Tea

our brewing guidance

Use 1 teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot.  Brew with water that has boiled and been allowed to cool for a good 5 minutes or so, pour on and leave for 1 or 2 minutes depending on preference.  Best enjoyed in a porcelain cup, without milk or sugar.

doing good

With your support, Twinings helps provide access to clean water for villages across Darjeeling, helps improve mother and baby health in tea growing regions of Yunnan and helps improve health and nutrition in tea communities in Assam.

Customer Reviews

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Very similar to gyokuro. Sweet and mellow with definitive pure tea taste. Depending on the brew can be a bit astringent and savoury. Amazing bright green color. Together with gyokuro I would consider it to be THE tea.


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