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Kangaita Estate

£8.00 sku LTKE0217-125 | Net weight: 125g

Loose Leaf Black Tea


Kangaita Tea Factory, on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya, is home to an orthodox black tea renowned as among Kenya's finest.  The lush equatorial plantation thrive all year round, the tropical climate tempered with cooling breezes and plentiful rainfall from clouds rising from Lake Victoria to the west.

Tea Description

Orthodox teas are rarely produced in Africa, and we think this is the best.  Orange Pekoe grade leaves are slightly twisted and fully oxidised, and when brewed give a full flavoured liquor, rich red in colour and yet refreshingly light in body.  Its mellow malty taste has hints of spice and cirtus fruit.

More about the Product


Black tea

our brewing guidance

Use 1 teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot.  Pour on fresh boiling water.  Allow to brew for three to four minutes.  A delicious afternoon tea, this can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Sourced With Care

Improving the quality of life in communities where we source our products. Everyone has the right to a decent quality of life and be able to provide for themselves and their families. Twinings already aims to buy from the best tea estates, both in terms of quality and ethics, but even these can be improved further. Find out more about our Sourced With Care initiative.

Customer Reviews

100% of customers liked this product


Interesting flavor; great for an afternoon tea.


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