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Nilgiri Twirl

£15.00 sku LTNTK0614-100L | Net weight: 100g

Loose Leaf Black Tea


Nilgiri, whose name translates as Blue Mountains, is one of the three main speciality tea regions of India (alongside Assam and Darjeeling).  It lies near the south western tip of India, with a cool, wet climate that nourishes some of the world's most sought-after teas.  This tea comes from the renowned Glendale Estate.

Tea Description

This delicious black tea is produced with fantastic attention to detail.  Whole leaves of the same size are shaped into delicate twists, and when infused in boiling water produces a deep, coppery liquor. The refreshing flavour is brisk yet rounded and mellow, with characteristic fruity notes.

More about the Product


Black tea

our brewing guidance

Use 1 rounded teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot.  Pour on fresh boiling water.  Allow to brew for 3-4 minutes for the perfect flavour.  Can be enjoyed with or without milk.

Customer Reviews

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[already reviewed]

5 Hour(s) ago


The unique taste of Nilgiri Twist remains its greatest highlight, a tea where you can truly tell it's been grown in a rich forest environment just by tasting it.

If you need your tea with a caffeine hit though, you should blend this with something with more punch. The unique flavour of the Twist is robust and strong enough to make itself noticed in any blend so it won't go to waste!

36 Hour(s) ago


Not only is the Nilgiri Twist really nice on its own - light and low in caffeine for those of you who like that! - it's also a great tea for blending with others with its distinct flavour always becoming prominent in the blend. Plus, it's fun watching the leaves unfurl! It remains flavourful for at least three brews so don't let it go to waste.

46 Hour(s) ago


This tea is excellent - and sold under its proper name and at the right price.

29 Minute(s) ago

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