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Rosy Fig Flavour White Loose Tea

£10.00 sku LTRFWT1014-40L | Net weight: 40g

Rose, fig and almond flavour white tea.

Tea Process

Orthodox large leaf white tea, which is rolled, pan-fired and blended with rose, fig and almond flavours.


A delicate white tea blended with just a hint of rose and fig for a beautifully sweet and mellow cup.


More about the Product


White Tea, Rose Petals (5%), Fig, Rose & Almond Flavourings (0.5%)

brewing guidance

Brew to your taste.  Start with freshly boiled water and brew one teaspoon of tea per person in a teapot or infuser.  To gauge your tastes, brew and taste after each minute to find the point of tea intensity that is to your liking to allow the floral flavours to come through.  We recommend about 1-2 minutes.  Best drunk without milk.

doing good

With your support, Twinings helps provide access to clean water for villages across Darjeeling, helps improve mother and baby health in tea growing regions of Yunnan and helps improve health and nutrition in tea communities in Assam.

Customer Reviews

83% of customers liked this product


Lieblingstee unserer Tochter



Too neutral for my taste, the scent is exellent though

27 Hour(s) ago


Wonderfully warming and with a slight sweetness

27 Hour(s) ago


Really love this. I can reallly taste the figs in it.

25 Hour(s) ago

Where does it come from?

The leaves used to make Rosy Fig Flavoured White Tea come from the Yunnan province in China. This area is particularly hilly with roughly 70% of the total landscape being of mountainous terrain. It is the high altitude and steady climate that makes it such a fantastic environment for growing tea.


The first stage of making this unique tea is to pick the absolute best possible leaves. The white tea is plucked during the spring, first thing in the morning, so that the dew hasn’t yet settled, this preserves the leaves’ best qualities and helps with freshness.

The harvesters who pick the leaves are looking for something in particular, the fine silvery buds and the first leaf of the stem; this is called an Imperial or White Peony pluck. Once the finest leaves and buds have been collected, they are lightly oxidised which gives them the distinct colour and appearance that white tea is known for.

Once the leaves have made their way to our Master Blenders, they are gently infused with rose, almond and fig oil which come together to make Rosy Fig Flavoured White Tea. One last detail is to add rose petals, which look beautiful against the white tea leaves and also add to the tea’s tempting aroma.

Here’s a guide for preparing Rosy Fig Flavoured White Tea:

Use fresh, clean water to help develop the flavour

Warm the pot or infuser first with a spot of boiled water

Use one heaped teaspoon of loose tea per person and one for the pot

We recommend that you allow the tea to brew for 5 minutes

Rosy Fig Flavoured White Tea is best served without milk or sugar, but this is of course down to your own personal preference

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