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Twinings Mint & Spearmint Infusions Range.

We commonly talk about 'mint tea' yet strictly speaking, an infusion is prepared by steeping herbs and does not contain any tea leaves from the camellia sinensis tea plant.

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Rated 4 based on 31 reviews

Dark Mint - 40 Tea Bags

£3.99 each

Everything you expect from the ultimate mint experience - the most glorious peppermint flavours that you will ever find in a cup.


Rated 5 based on 22 reviews

Liquorice & Spearmint - 20 Tea Bags

£2.49 each

Satisfy that craving for something sweet after dinner with this all natural blend.


Rated 4 based on 18 reviews

Peppermint & Strawberry - 20 Tea Bags

£2.49 each

Try this blend when you need a refreshing pick me up throughout the day.

Rated 5 based on 32 reviews

Pure Peppermint - 20 Single Tea Bags

£1.69 each

Look up at the sky and see a kite dancing over houses and the trees in the cooling, gentle breeze.  Cup in hand, feet firmly on the ground, you too can feel as light as air with this refreshing infusion.

Rated 5 based on 67 reviews

Pure Peppermint - 80 Single Tea Bags

£4.49 each

Cool and invigorating, we've expertly created this peppermint infusion to help you feel refreshed and ready for the day with each sip. A classic, vibrant blend perfect for any time of day.

25% off

Rated 4 based on 29 reviews

Discovery Collection Medley of Mint - Pyramid Tea Bags

Now: £4.87 each

Was: £6.50

Two types of mint leaves have been expertly blended to provide the perfect reviving taste combination. Presented in a pretty gift box containing a golden bag filled with loose leaf pyramid tea bags.

25% off

Rated 5 based on 10 reviews

Gunpowder Green & Mint

Now: £9.00 each

Was: £12.00

Tightly rolled pellets of fine green tea flavoured with mint. Country of origin: China - Zhejiang Province

25% off

Rated 4 based on 5 reviews

Lemongrass & Peppermint

Now: £6.00 each

Was: £8.00

Sweet, fragrant refreshment.

25% off

Rated 4 based on 2 reviews

Rooibos & Peppermint

Now: £4.87 each

Was: £6.50

A warming infusion with a hint of mint to refresh.

25% off

Rated 5 based on 4 reviews

London Edition - Green Tea, Mint & Rose - 15 Pyramid Bags

Now: £6.75 each

Was: £9.00

Jump into the mix and walk tall through the streets of London. And here’s our fresh combination of flavours, guaranteed to turn heads. Weaving together a gentle green tea with lively spearmint and a flourish of fragrant rose, we think it’s a tea that’s tailor-made to lift your day.

Rated 4 based on 7 reviews

Liquorice, Mint & Fennel - 20 Envelopes

£3.00 each

Liquorice and peppermint infusion with blackcurrant flavour. Let's take a mostalgic wander through the flavours of your past, transporting you back to your favourite sweet shop.

Rated 4 based on 18 reviews

Pure Peppermint - Single Envelope

£0.25 each

Fields of soft green peppermint leaves sway with the breeze.

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