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Pure Green - Single Envelope

£0.25 sku GTP0614-EN | Net weight: 2.5g

One afternoon in 2737 BC, Shen-nung, Emperor of China, was having a picnic. Tea leaves floated from a tree and into a pot of water he was boiling. He drank it anyway, loved the taste and green tea was born.

Our green tea is made from only the highest-quality, juiciest leaves so it's light and refreshing.

So take a sip - we think you'll love it as much as Emperor Shen-nung!

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Green Tea

Customer Reviews

62% of customers liked this product


Extremely disappointed to have to buy these as the more expensive single envelopes then receive boxes that are cheaper to purchase



So nice to have the pick and mix selection so I can choose what products I want and how many of each. Really good to have that flexibility

1 Hour(s) ago


The service was fast and beautifully packaged. If I have a small criticism it is the cost of posting to the Republic of Ireland was surprisingly expensive @ £9.



Not a fan on pure green tea

24 Hour(s) ago

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