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Golden Tipped English Breakfast - Catering Pack 500g

£42.50 sku FS-F13702 | Net weight: 500g

Our Golden Tipped English Breakfast is a robust blend of premium Assam loose teas demonstrated by the inclusion of fine golden tips.

Our Master Blenders sought to create the perfect English Breakfast tea - a blend that is strong and bold yet with a refined, rounded body. A tea that sets you up for the day. They looked high and low (and far and wide), finally finding it in the golden buds of the valleys of Assam, North East India. The result is rich and malty, with a bold depth of flavour.

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Black tea.

our brewing guidance

We believe that how you make your tea is equally as important as the tea you use, so here's how we like to make our tea.

Use one rounded teaspoon per person and use water at a “rolling boil” around 100ºC.  Pour on and brew for 3 to 4 minutes.  Add milk and sugar to taste and, for freshness every time, keep your tea somewhere cool, dark, dry and airtight!

pack size

1 pouch containing 500g loose tea.

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