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Silver Jasmine Heart - Catering Pack 500g

£60.00 sku FS-F13823 | Net weight: 500g

Loose leaf green tea.

A fascinating tea from Yunnan Province in South West China, the region considered by many to be the birthplace of tea. Rich soils, mountainous terrain and a temperate climate have provided perfect tea growing conditions for many hundreds of years.

These small, individually wrapped compressed teas come in varying shapes. In this case, the tea has been compressed into a delightful heart shape, with a single jasmine bud pressed into the centre. This example uses green tea scented with jasmine, to give a flavour that is crisp yet full bodied, and with a heady jasmine aroma.

More about the Product


Loose leaf jasmine scented green tea.

Jasmine scented green tea, jasmine buds (5%).

how to serve

Unwrap and use 1 heart shape per person or share one for a slightly milder flavour. This tea can be steeped many times, slowly developing deep and rich flavours the longer the steep. We suggest allowing 2 minutes as a starting point. Serve without milk.


1 pouch containing 500g loose tea

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