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Kitabi Estate - Caddy

£8.00 sku SOCKEC1015-125 | Net weight: 125g

Loose leaf black tea.

Typically of Rwandan teas, this is incredibly bright and coppery, with a really refreshing character. Rwanda produces only 'cut, tear, curl' styles of tea; we have selected an excellent, large Broken Pekoe grade 1 for our collection. The leaves are cut in a rounded manner and worked intensively into a tightly curled, so-called 'shotty' style.

Approximately 40 servings.

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Black tea

how to serve

Use 1 teaspoon per person and 1 for the pot. Pour on fresh boiling water and leave 3-5 minutes according to preference. Best drunk from a porcelain cup with a little milk; this will show off the brightness and coppery colour.

Customer Reviews

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I put an excellent rating on the "Rate my Tea" facebook group, showing pictures of the tea and the caddy. The aroma was wonderful both in the pot as I poured the water over, and in the cup once served. The flavour was great. Again best (my opinion) without the addition of milk or cream to experience the real flavour, and not changed by the additions.





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