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Alison Appleton Camellia Teapot
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Twinings loves the classic style and shape of the Alison Appleton Camellia collection, all made for that perfect brew of your favourite tea.

In classic white, this stunning Camellia teapot was inspired by the by the little white tea flower of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant with the undulating, curving petals.

The Camellia teapot is made from De Hua porcelain and is complete with an integral stainless steel filter.

This classic teapot makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

Alison established her British Ceramic Design Studio in 1998, from which she created a range of high quality tea and coffee products sold in John Lewis, Harrods, Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, Zara Home and Marks & Spencer. She is also a ‘name’ designer at La Cafetiere.

She firmly believes that a good cup of tea is something to take time over, to savour and to give your full attention. A tea break should be just that: switch off the phone, relax and enjoy fine quality, loose-leaf tea from the loveliest crockery you can find. Now retailing her own collections, Alison puts fellow tea lovers firmly at the heart of the design process, with elegant, practical products presented in gorgeous packaging. Good tea and teaware should be a gift, either to oneself, or to others.

Alison has travelled widely and forged international partnerships, but is particularly inspired by Oriental tea culture. A key partner is Mr Liu, from Dehua in Fujian Province, China. As an expert in ancient Chinese ceramics – and something of an alchemist – he knows how to create the fine finishes and bespoke glazes her collections require.

Alison believes that there is no place in Britain for the third-rate teabag (though she is partial to a drop of builders’ brew on occasion) and that wherever possible, your teapot should always match your dress.


With its simple white porcelain, elegant proportions and graceful curves, the Camellia collection is a timeless classic. Its design is inspired by the delicate beauty of the Camellia Sinensis flower, the leaves of which are used to make all the world’s teas. Camellia has a removable stainless steel filter, which helps to ensure the perfect cup of tea every time. Use it to lift out the leaves and prevent stewing and for no-mess, no-fuss cleaning. This generously sized pot has a 1000ml capacity.

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