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Twinings Aromatic Tea Cup
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£11.00 sku TPTATC1020

At Twinings, our passion is creating wonderful teas and infusions and the best teas deserve to be enjoyed in the best cups.

Our Aromatic Tea Cup enhances the top notes of a tea, making it possible to experience the sweet perfume-like fragrance of scented teas and teas with exquisite aromas.  The shape retains heat, which leads to concentrated evaporation.  The tulip lip then gently opens these aromas, releasing them into the senses and palate.

We believe that the shape of the cup affects your appreciation of the flavours of the tea within.  To explore this further, we have teamed up with Peter Ting, a ceramics designer, to produce a limited edition of his 1660 range; elegant and innovative porcelain tea tasting cups, designed to enchance the experience by bringing out the bouquet, appearance and flavour of our teas and infusions.

"Just as the design of a glass can enhance the taste and aroma of wine, so the different forms of 1660 London's fine tea cups allow us to enjoy different teas at their very best."
- Jane Pettigrew, Tea Specialist and Tea Historian

Dimensions: Height = 9cm, Diameter = 6.5cm

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