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Twinings Tea Tidy

£6.00 sku SATTT0615

Stylish Twinings branded stainless steel tea bag tidy - a fabulous accessory for any kitchen to keep your counter top clean with a place to put used tea bags.

More about the Product

Dimensions and Material

Tidy (1.5mm thickness)  
Length = 10.5cm

Stainless steel

Customer Reviews

95% of customers liked this product


Bought two for adding to the two I already had (also sent a pair to friends in America who love the tidies). Wash well, dry and polish to a lovely gleam. Just the right size for tea bag and spoon, and keeps the tea tray, well, tidy!



Very good quality and funny as it may seem lovely to look at.



Excellent Product👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼



Recently had some American friends over and they were taken by our Twinings tea tidies. We ordered two for them online and will be sending them 'across the pond' in a few days. Easy to wash and polish dry with a soft cloth, the 'bowl' keeps the tea bag and drips contained. Love these, can't imagine a cuppa without them on the tray.


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