Tea Strainers

To create the perfect cup tea you need the right ingredients for example if you’re enjoying a nice cup of loose tea then you will need the best strainer. Our tea strainer and filter collection will meet all your needs to make the greatest cup of tea.

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Silver-plated Tea Strainer

£16.00 each

This elegant two-handled, silver-plated tea strainer will complement your best tea set.

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Twinings Tea Tidy

£6.00 each

Stylish Twinings branded stainless steel tea bag tidy.

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Tea Timer

£32.50 each

Our Twinings Tea Timer will help you brew your teas and infusions for the right amount of time!

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Tea Filter with Rest

£8.50 each

This very fine, taste-free, stainless steel infuser guarantees a perfect tea infusion every time.