Add a little luxury to your tea drinking.

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Twinings 216 Strand Gold Edge Mug

£18.00 each

An exclusive series of fine bone china with a Twinings design with 24 carat gold edging

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Twinings 216 Strand Black Design Mug

£15.00 each

Celebrating 300 years of history, these exclusive fine bone china mugs showcase our London Strand home.

Rated 5 based on 28 reviews

Tea Timer

£22.00 each

Our Twinings Tea Timer will help you brew your teas and infusions for the right amount of time!

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Loose Tea Scoop

£6.00 each

Make a great cup of loose leaf tea the easy way with this high quality Twinings branded measuring spoon.

Twinings Afternoon Tea Cup & Saucer

£16.00 each

A handle and saucer has been specially chosen for our Afternoon Tea Cup & Saucer set to honour the British tradition of drinking black tea with milk.

Twinings Breakfast Black Tea Cup

£10.00 each

Our Breakfast Black Tea Cup enhances the earthy notes, while brining out the refreshing briskness in black teas.

Twinings Green Tea Cup

£10.00 each

Our Green Tea Cup enhances the rich umami textures of the tea, giving a smooth, luxurious mouth feel before delivering a long multi-layered aftertaste.

Twinings Aromatic Tea Cup

£11.00 each

Our Aromatic Tea Cup enhances the top notes of a tea, making it possible to experience the sweet perfume-like fragrance of scented teas.

Twinings Ultimate Tea Tasting Set

£30.00 each

Our Ultimate Tea Tasting set includes our specially designed breakfast black tea cup, green tea cup and aromatic tea cup to enhance your tea drinking experience.

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Twinings Tea Tidy

£6.00 each

Out of stock

Stylish Twinings branded stainless steel tea bag tidy.