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Bombay Duck Vintage Tea Party Milk Jug

Now: £5.00 each

Was: £9.50

This charming vintage tea party milk jug by Bombay Duck has a delicate flower border around the rim.

Burleigh Black Willow Tankard Jug

Now: £16.00 each

Was: £22.00

The refined “Tankard” shape Jug is hand printed in black “Willow” by Burleigh.

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Alison Appleton Darcy Sugar Bowl

Now: £12.50 each

Was: £25.95

An Alison Appleton caddy with lid from the Darcy collection

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Burleigh Heritage Large Storage Jar

Now: £20.00 each

Was: £30.00

This gorgeous Storage Jar is from the Heritage collection from Burleigh. 

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Burleigh Coronation Meadows 2 Tier Cake Stand

Now: £28.00 each

Was: £40.00

The perfect centrepiece to any tea table or picnic, decorated in Burleigh’s “Coronation Meadows” design for Highgrove.

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Loveramics Petal Creamer Pot

Now: £9.50 each

Was: £15.00

Out of stock

The LOVERAMICS Petal Creamer Pot is inspired by a walk through a sun filled valley in the height of the summer, hydrangeas border the banks of the pond and are mirrored in its tranquil waters.