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Best East African Rwandan Tea

This month we are looking at the gorgeous Best East African Rwandan Tea. It is from is the Kitabi estate, which is situated in the south west of Rwanda. This area is known as the ‘land of a thousand hills’ and is the perfect place to grow tea. This tea is rich, bold and full of flavour.

What is it?

This month we will be looking at the amazing Best East African Rwandan Tea. This particular leaf is classed as a black tea which means it has been fully oxidised to its maximum potential to create that iconic bold and rich taste.


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Kitabi Estate - Caddy

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Coppery, rich and full bodied black tea. Country of origin: Rwanda - Nyamagabe District

Where does it come from?

This tea tells you in the name, this is from Rwanda. To be more specific it is from the Kitabi estate, which is situated in the south west of Rwanda, which is really close to the Nyungwe National Park.

This area of Rwanda is known by as the ‘land of a thousand hills’ and as you can imagine the reason for this is because it is extremely mountainous. Not only does it have a very high altitude the soil is full of volcanic rock and the temperature is mild all year round averaging between 16 to 21 degrees. All these factors mean that Rwanda is an absolutely perfect place to grow tea. So much so that tea is Rwanda’s largest export and people come from far and wide to visit their tea plants.

How is Best East African Rwandan Tea Made?

This particular tea is made with a CTC machine, what this means is Cut, Tear, Curl. This machine is very popular in the tea industry and many teas are created into their final form with a CTC. 


Rwanda only use this machine to create all their teas and that is why they are so famous for their bright coppery strong tea. So once the leaf has been picked and left to whither in the sun for up to two days (this completes the oxidation process) it is then blasted with heat.

Once the initial process is done it is time to move the leaves into the CTC machine. You can choose which method you would prefer - cut, torn or curled, this Best East African Rwandan has been curled.  This produces large granules which mean it creates a strong bold flavour and also it will be quicker to brew as the tea has a smaller surface area. 

So once the Best East African Rwandan has been through the CTC it is then bagged up ready to be shipped all over the world. 

TOP TEA TIP – The smaller the leaf the stronger the cup.

Brewing, Serving And Tasting Your Tea

This tea is strong in colour and bold in taste therefore you need the perfect teaware to match this loud tea. 

We would suggest using plain china for this one, ideally a crisp white set so you can see the lovely bronze colour. In your latest Tea Taster video we have use a lovely collection from Repeat Repeat. Even though this is a white china collection it has beautiful flower detailing to make your cup that extra special. 

If you want to use a teapot to brew this tea - and we would strong recommend it - use a glass one with a strainer built in so you will be able to see how this tea infuses and also the wonderful colouring. In the Tea Taster video we have chosen to use an elegant teapot from the Kinto collection.  

Once you have chosen your teaware it’s now time to brew the tea. 

With the Best East African Rwandan Tea you only need one teaspoon per person because as we have mentioned before this is a strong and bold tea so you don’t want to overpower your taste buds!

Normally we recommend bringing your kettle to the rolling boil and then waiting for a few minutes so it cools to around 80/85 degrees. However, with this particular tea you want your water around 90 degrees as the Rwandan only infuses probably with hotter water. 

So once you have entered the amount of teaspoons appropriate to you add your hot water and let it brew for around 5 minutes. This will make a very strong cup so if you prefer a weaker taste remove the leaves after 3 to 4 minutes.

When the time is up remove the tea leaves and get ready to taste this wonderful blend. 

As this tea is classed as a black tea it tastes sensational with or without milk, the choice is completely yours. Depending on how you like to drink your tea normally will probably be a good indication on how you would enjoy this. 

However, we recommend you try this tea without milk first so you can experience the raw and original flavours then add milk after to enjoy as a daily drink. 

So before you taste this tea make sure you take in its wonderful rich aromas, it really gives off an aromatic and gorgeous smell. Once you have taken in the amazing smells taste it. You will find this tea to be full of flavour, full bodied, strong and maybe some hints of earthy tones. 

The same tea never tastes identical to everyone so it’s time to make up your own mind..

This Best East African Rwandan would be perfect to replace your morning cup as it is a real pick me up or it would be perfect for afternoon tea with lots of yummy cakes and buns. 

Location, Location, Location...

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