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Peppermint Tea - The Makings Of Marvellous Mint Tea

The taste of fresh mint wakes us up in the morning and soothes after dinner. There are as many infusions of tea with mint as there are uses for this wonderful little plant. At Twinings we’re full of ideas for you to make the most of the marvellous mint leaf starting, of course, with our premium mint tea.

It’s tricky to think of a more versatile and well-loved and well-used herb than mint. There are as many varieties of this traditional herb as there are uses for it. From tea to toothpaste, mocktails to mojitos, savoury dishes to sweets and essential oils to (essential) chocolates, there is seldom a day when we don’t consume the perennial mint.

What is Mint tea and where does it come from?

Well first of all, mint pretty much grows anywhere and everywhere. You very likely have a pot or bed of mint in the garden. Secondly there are many different varieties of mint. The two most commonly used in tea preparation are Peppermint (Mentha piperita) and Spearmint (Mentha spicata). A combination of the two is called a doublemint tea. From the Himalayas to Hampshire, you’ll find mint grows abundantly.

Twinings Peppermint herbal infusions are made from real, pure peppermint leaves carefully selected to deliver an uplifting and refreshing infusion of minty deliciousness. Other bonuses of Peppermint tea are that it has almost no calories - less than 4 calories per cup to be precise, is naturally caffeine-free and doesn’t contain any sugar.


How to Make Mint Tea?

Whether you are using a tea bag or one of our Loose Leaf Pyramids, ensure you pour freshly boiled water in the cup or pot and allow the tea to steep for around 3 minutes. For a more intense taste let it stew for a while longer. 

If you are using fresh mint leaves or loose leaf peppermint tea, pop the leaves into a pot - a generous handful of chopped up fresh mint per person, or a heaped teaspoon per person if using dried loose leaf tea. Pour of the boiling water and again, allow to steep for just a little longer (up to five minutes) for the tea to fully infuse, and the water to pick up the minty fresh flavours.

Twinings have a delicious range of organic Peppermint tea and Spearmint tea as well as delicious mint tea blends. Green tea and mint go extremely well together for instance as the vegetal flavours really compliment each other. You can also combine peppermint with traditional black teas. So… What’s your favourite mint tea?

We couldn’t love mint tea more; and our passionate Masterblenders ensure our mint teas of the utmost quality.

How To Make Moroccan Mint Tea

Before you decide on that, don’t forget the iconic place Mint tea holds in Morocco.

Mint tea isn't just a drink in Morocco! It is a cultural symbol of hospitality and friendship. It is an integral part of Morocco’s heritage and tradition. Because mint tea is so popular, it is served all day long, after every meal and with every conversation. Moroccans take great pride in their tea, and can be jokingly competitive about it! They will often ask a visitor to judge who among their group of friends makes the best cup of mint tea!

In tribute to Morocco, check out Twinings Moroccan Mint Tea range and our Moroccan inspired mint tea recipe and green mint tea.

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Mint Tea Food Pairing

As you might expect from this deliciously diverse herb, given that it is used to flavour a variety of foods, mint tea is often used in food pairing. Fresh mint is absolutely delicious when used as flavouring lamb for instance. It provides a wonderfully refreshing balance to spicy foods, enhances a cous cous, and of course intensifies the experience of dark chocolate! And mint tea goes well as the accompanying drink for all of the above!

Tea Pairing guide


For more ideas, info and instruction on our peppermint teas and how they can refresh your summer, have a look as one of our tea experts explains the marvels of mint tea.

Learn from the Masterblender


Along with a cold slice of cucumber, mint tea makes a refreshing iced drink all summer long, from punches to purees and cocktails to mocktails! Have a look at some of our refreshing recipes here!


Not just a drink, but a flavour to infuse your food… mint is such a versatile herb.

For summer dinner party inspiration, or a refreshing and original take on afternoon tea have a look at some of Twinings mint inspired recipes!

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