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Twinings, the home of British tea and herbal infusions, with over 300 years of expertise, all our recipes are skilfully blended using the finest tea and herbs from ethically sourced producers all over the world. From our traditional blends to the new wonderful flavour combinations we have the perfect tea for everyone.

Darjeeling Spring 15

Our Darjeeling Spring 15 is truly one of a kind and is extremely rare. In this article we explore the journey that the Darjeeling Spring 15 has taken to get to your cup.

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This Month on Tea Tasters: Darjeeling Spring 15

This month on Tea Tasters we are very excited to announce that we will be exploring the wonderful Darjeeling Spring 15. This is the champagne of teas and holds superior quality. Come and explore its delicate taste and the perfect way to serve.

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Darjeeling is called the champagne of teas, its rare, delicate and one of a kind - you will never taste the same Darjeeling twice. Come and explore the wonderful world of Darjeeling through to the plucking season to their biggest tourist attractions.

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I feel like tea liquor flows in my veins instead of blood, as generations of my family have grown and enjoyed it.

Ashok Lohia, Lingia Tea Estate Owner

Afternoon Tea - Food Pairing

It’s not just particular wines that go with specific foods. Learn more about food and tea pairing in time for afternoon tea

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Twinings are privileged to work alongside some of the world’s greatest humanitarian aid organisations, and we’d like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the incredible work.

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Recipes Using Twinings Teas

Beef & Mushroom Vol Au Vents

Beef & Mushroom Vol Au Vents

This recipe is perfect for picnic baskets and afternoon tea treats. Easy to make and very impressive!

Mini Upside Down Earl Grey & Orange Cakes

Mini Upside Down Earl Grey & Orange Cakes

This Spring enjoy our delicious Mini Upside Down Earl Grey & Orange Cakes. They are perfect for afternoon tea parties or to pack into your picnic basket.

Classically British Menu - Full English Breakfast

Classically British Menu - Full English Breakfast

Celebrate St Georges Day with our ultimate Full English Breakfast. You will find delicacies from England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Enjoy!

Take a look at our teaware

The Vintage Teapot

The Vintage Teapot

The collection is a beautiful journey through history. Pieces dating back to 1905 it is truly a stunning range showing us how teaware changed through the years.

Louise Wilkinson

Louise Wilkinson

Twinings loves Louise Wilkinson's beautiful designs. She takes her inspiration from the great outdoors. Choosing berry's and birds to highlight the china's beauty. This collection is for anyone who loves fine tea drinking.

Alison Appleton

Alison Appleton

Alison produces rare and unique pieces that make any tea time an event. She is a connoisseur in all things tea and lives and breathes beautiful ceramics which shows in her gorgeous work.

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This month we explore the exquisite Darjeeling Spring 15. We will teach you everything there is to know about this Champagne of teas, from the perfect teaware to tasting notes.