Fruit & Herbal

Our fruit and herbal range is full of colour, life and taste! We have travelled around the world to bring you the best blends out there. We think tea time is a time for fun, laughter and new experiences and that is what you will find within this wonderful range. Enjoy.

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Calming Camomile

From: £1.49 for 20 Tea Bags

A sea of white and yellow flowers dance under a brilliant blue sky.

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Intensely Blackcurrant & Rhubarb - 20 Envelopes

£2.49 each

The sweet flavours of ripe blackcurrants, tender red rhubarb and the comforting warmth of aromatic vanilla have been captured to give a lively, sweet and creamy drink.

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Cleansing Fennel - 20 Tea Bags

£1.49 each

Fields of yellow fennel flowers glow bright, their towering heads bobbing around in the sunshine.

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Comforting Liquorice

From: £1.49 for 20 Tea Bags

It's no wonder Egyptian Pharaohs treasured the aromatic liquorice root.

Gifts for Fruit Lovers

Fruity Treats Hamper

£35.00 each

Twinings hamper with a selection of fruity teas, biscuits and chocolates

Ginger Gift Crate

£20.00 each

Ginger lovers unite! Black Twinings signature gift crate with a ginger inspired selection of teas, chocolates and biscuits.